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Mazda Mx-5 Cars Models Mazda Miata MX5 Cars Parts 2

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Mazda Mx-5 Cars Miata MX5 Cars

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Cafe Roadster M2-1001 M2 Corp, the Roadster M2-1001 published in December 1991. It was a special "Limited Production" Roadster version, which was a short-term Paint production of only 300 copies in a special blue / black mica, with a sticker price of $ 26,000. Potential buyers are required to personally at the registry office in Tokyo M2 appear for a lottery to place an order for this extremely limited space Roadster.

This challenging Eunos Roadster M2 was the first offer turn-key race-ready Here is a list of some of the goodies that made it so popular. Functional front spoiler with integrated fog lamps, mirrors, vintage aircraft, roll bar, down 4 points, fixed cluster size vintage rear bucket seats, steering wheel 3-spoke polished, stiffer suspension package with specific codes M2, polished aluminum walks upright, HKS exhaust, intake system, a 1.6L engine with new pistons aggressive, radical trees upgraded cam, lightweight flywheel, LSD intake air cooling, manual steering, manual windows, (A / C was optional), racing pedals, center console shortened with appropriate radio panel, aluminum gas cap, a wheel Console and aggressive pack of gum (15 "x 6" Panasport circles), and a rear spoiler (which is a standard package for R). Changes in performance roadster power to 132 hp @ 7000 rpm and 109 ft / lb torque @ 5500 rpm. Once released, was so popular that people pay up to $ 35,000 to get their hands on the Roadster M2-1001!